Center for Solving Global Challenges

Big Challenges, Innovative Solutions

Young people are notorious for coming up with tricky questions. At Panka we give young people the platform to use this talent to ask the hard questions that nobody may have asked before and to come up with creative solutions.

We will be using several problem solving methods. One of our methods is to cut down big questions into smaller ones to be able to understand the phenomena more deeply and precisely.

We will be in close cooperation with many global organizations to find meaningful challenges to work on. The UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals is a good reference.

Here are few challenges that we can start working on initially

   • How to make the Panka Center sustainable?
   • How to stop climate change?
   • How to end hunger in the world?
   • How to provide clean water for everyone in the world?
   • How to stop armed conflicts?
   • How to end age-related diseases?
   • How to cure cancer?
   • How to provide quality and free education for everyone?
   • How to prevent species from going extinct?
   • And so on…