Co-Working Space

Center for Solving Global Challenges

Co-Working in the Middle of Forest

Panka Center offers a unique place for co-working. The venue is located on a beautiful lake in the middle of forest and clean nature. The good Finnish infrastructure and reliable Internet connection provide a well functioning and safe working environment. The 4G and Wi-Fi connections will be available everywhere around the campus.

Co-Living among Teens and Global Challenges

Life at Panka will be different every day. If you like to have young people around you and can be a respectful and supporting adult, then Panka can be a perfect place for you to work and live.

Because the co-working space is located in the same space as the Panka Academy, where young people are working, studying and living, we will need to do a background check on each person working at the co-working space.

The rooms are spacious rooms with a double bed or two single beds. There will also be an option for a shared bedroom with four beds, which will be the most affordable option.

Food and Company Provided

Panka is a bustling social environment where you don’t have to go far to look for company and an inspiring chat. The catering service will provide three warm meals per day plus snacks, so you won’t go hungry and don’t have to worry about diet.


The pricing will vary between 200 – 800 € / month depending on your accommodation and dining options. We will provide more detailed pricing soon.