Panka Community

Center for Solving Global Challenges

Panka Center

Panka is a hub of inspiration, problem-solving and search for global solutions. The doors are always open for visitors and we warmly welcome people who want to share their knowledge and join in the work.

The campus consists of five main buildings, three for accommodation, one for recreational purpose and the fifth is the inside swimming pool, which also the local population can use.

The students can run a small cafe and shop attached to the pool for socializing and entrepreneurial purposes. The products in the shop, including arts and crafts, are produced by the students and staff.

Co-Working Space

At the Panka Center we offer a co-working and co-living space for 10 people, who wish to work in an inspiring and youthful social environment but who also wish to have clean nature and peace around them. We offer a good Internet connection, several working stations to choose from, three daily meals and comfortable rooms.

Local and National Community

We are in close cooperation with local schools, institutions, organizations, colleges, universities and businesses. We can host events targeted for the local population on various global issues inviting speakers from nearby universities and research and cultural institutions.

We have many experienced Advisory Board members from Finland and national institutions which help us work together with local and national organizations and businesses. Our aim is to discover creative solutions and ideas also on the national level.

International Community

We are partnering with many international organizations to share the information and results of our studies and to get support and inspiration from their vast experience. United we can make a difference.

We have partners from many continents. In order to solve global challenges, we need to get the perspectives from multiple surroundings and cultures. Creating global solutions is usually about creating a multitude of local solutions and understanding local knowledge and cultures is crucial in this.

Online Community

We will have an online platform where we work to solve global challenges and everyone is invited to join in. We are especially interested in getting schools and homeschoolers and young people in general from around the world to join in the work. We will be streaming many of our problem-solving sessions (with students’ consent of course) to share the way we operate and get feedback.